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Otto Ristorante

While I get everything else running smoothly, I would like to give you a simple preview of what this website will be like. This is just one of the three categories that I will be writing about, in this case, a restaurant review. This review was done over a year ago and was posted on my profile on and I will share it with you now. So enjoy this review and I promise that new material will be out very soon.

Jan 29, 2010

A teacher asked me once, ‘What makes a good movie? Is it the cast in the movie or is it the storyline? Or are there other factors that make a good movie?’ My reply was simple. A good movie has a single dominant aspect. You can have Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Megan Fox in a movie and people who watch it will say ‘that was a good movie’. You can have a great story line, one with many twist and turns which sometimes may boggle the mind and people will say, ‘that was a good movie’.  But to me, a great movie is one that has managed to perfect every single aspect that creates an exciting movie experience. A movie with great cast, great storylines, great effects and so on.

This is where Otto comes in play. They managed to create a controlled collaboration of perfect aspects of a restaurant experience that brings it together to be a great restaurant with great dining experiences.

What do we expect in a good dining experience? Hungrygowhere says, quality, ambience, value and service. I say Quality, ambience and service, simply because you can never put a price on a good meal. Singaporeans are used to paying exorbitant prices for good food and Otto doesn’t let down.

Upon arrival, a very smartly dressed Matri Di greets us with a loud ‘Hello’ and a firm handshake, introducing himself as Paolo. We are seated in a cosy corner, surrounded with bottles of quality champagne and presented with menus. Great traditional Italian antipastos like Parma Ham with Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh mussels steamed in white wine and main courses like pasta and almost every single creature that the earth contains.

Parma Ham is of exceptional quality, firm but tender and melt-in-your-mouth characteristics, countered with soft, creamy Buffalo Mozzarella. A truly Italian-only experience. Mussels taste like they came out of the water that night, coupled with a delicious broth of white wine and its own juices.

A house speciality main course is the only way to perfectly determine a good restaurant from a great restaurant. And I proudly declare Otto a great restaurant for this course. Sea Urchin pasta, with a touch of parsley brought an impact I never expected. Al Dente pasta with a delicious sauce of emulsified sea urchin. Creamy, delicate and flavours that god would be proud of putting together.

Another famous dish was linguine of Wagyu Beef and Foir Gras. A truly inspired recipe of tender meat and creamy goose liver with perfect pasta. Delicate flavours of tender juicy beef meld wonderfully with the fattiness of the goose liver, creating jaw-dropping experiences on the tongue.

And there is no better way to end off the night with a shot of espresso, a glass of Lemonchello, Italian lemon-flavoured liquor and a generous helping of tiramisu that was soft to the teeth and creamy to the tongue.

Like a great movie,  Otto has a beautiful script, jaw-dropping actors and realistic effects, that makes it one of the best dining experiences I’ve had during my eighteen year stay on this planet. ‘Excuse me sir, I’d like some more. Make it a pot more please’.